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July 08 2013

1302 51fb
apple, ass, car

Image size: 500x500
1303 4bbe
bag, bags, blue

Image size: 500x500
6843 4a15
accessories, bracelet, chanel

Image size: 500x500
5716 de62
bathroom, chanel, cosmetics

Image size: 500x500

July 07 2013

5718 bc25
black and white, chanel, fashion

Image size: 500x334
2662 afa6
Darkness, b&w, bandw

Image size: 500x371
1155 0864
adorable, animal, animal print

Image size: 500x500
9693 f42d
dinner date, date, dating

Image size: 489x339
2030 3728
chanel, coco, cool

Image size: 414x571
6392 202c
chance chanel, chanel, classy

Image size: 500x344
9657 f6e4
Lyrics, lana del rey, national anthem

Image size: 500x700
6127 ef8b
awesome, chanel, cigarettes

Image size: 500x333
5092 2556
Lyrics, black&white, born to die

Image size: 500x741
6128 8270
beauty, chanel, cute

Image size: 500x333

July 06 2013

5093 645b
amo, antigo, antiguidade

Image size: 500x250
7535 608f
beach, california, celine

Image size: 500x333
4827 a414
bag, bangles, beautiful

Image size: 500x500
4828 28ea
M.A.C, Prada, YSL

Image size: 750x600

July 05 2013

9925 09ae
blonde, bracelet, chanel

Image size: 500x332
9928 7d4f
accessories, black, blogger

Image size: 720x493
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